Our Story

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John and Susan Olenik learned first hand that a personal loss can pave the way to a new beginning. A loss of their home in a 2003 San Diego wildfire was a catalyst to fulfilling a dream envisioned for many years. Exploring options they looked north to Oregon and in 2005 purchased an established 19 acre vineyard, planted to Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. They quickly set out to establish relationships with several of the Willamette Valley’s most respected winemakers allowing them to sell all of the fruit from those early harvests. This laid groundwork for expansion of their vineyard with planting more Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Now at 27 acres, and counting, John and Susan farm their vineyard sustainably with a commitment to produce wines that reflect the truest, most beautiful expression of one of the Valley’s most unique, rock laden, vineyards as they continue forward to pen the next chapter in their lives.


BRIAN OLENIK:  We are fortunate to have our son Brian’s guidance on building a foundation for a strategic, attainable business model and to assist us as we lay the groundwork for growing the brand.  Married to his lovely wife Lelia, they have three beautiful children, Joseph Andrew, Gabriella and Piper Rose.  Their children, our grandchildren, are the inspirations for naming of our small cuvee production Pinot Noirs and Rose wines.

Brian’s passion for food and wine draws him to Oregon’s Pinot Noir for its beautiful aromatics and the ease with which it complements a wide variety of foods.  Brian has been exposed to the world of wine for over two decades.  We’re very proud of his accomplishments in San Diego’s business arena and we look forward to working closely with him to grow our brand.  

LESLEY OLENIK GALINDO: Our daughter has been a tremendous help in exploring and incorporating the various social media options to provide much needed exposure and to help boost our presence, showcase our wines, and allow us to garner acceptance by consumers and peers alike.  We are convinced this is a key component to our viability and growth as we move forward over the next few years and expose our wines to a much broader, more demanding audience.  We’re delighted to have her on board!

Lesley and husband, Justin Galindo, work and reside in Los Angeles along with Beatriz Isabelle, our sweetheart of a granddaughter.  Lesley and Justin enjoy great food, wines and music and frequent the Oregon wine country quite regularly. They’re particularly impressed with the simplistic nature of the Willamette Valley wine region and with each visit, are getting familiar with the Northwest and, in particular, the city of Portland.  Beginning with the 2016 vintage, the name Beatriz Isabelle will be synonymous with our Olenik Vineyards Estate Chardonnay; looking forward to revealing this wine in 2017.  We can’t wait!