4. Members will be notified by email of a vintage inventory reduction, or any seasonal specials of our OV Estate Wines, some of which we may provide free ground shipping via Fed/Ex or UPS provided it’s shipped within the continental United States.  Club members may, at any time, purchase additional wines or request their allocation be sent as a gift.  If requested, we are happy to insert a personal note, from you or have us sign a bottle or several bottles, provided we have advance notice.

5. Complimentary tastings for Club member and up to 3 guests at the “future” Olenik Vineyards Tasting Room or any scheduled wine tasting events in San Diego, the Willamette Valley, North Carolina, Texas or Philadelphia, my home town!

6. Club members are invited to barrel taste the most recent vintage and then be offered the option to order “Futures” at that time.  Any “Futures Pricing” discounts, extended at our Barrel Tasting events, apply at that time only and are not intended to extend beyond these, “Invitation Only”, Barrel Tastings. Members are then welcomed back to pick up their “Futures Wine Purchases”.  If you are unable to join us, we will ship your wines when weather conditions are optimum.

7. Members are encouraged to visit us in the Willamette Valley, Oregon’s premier wine region.  Please call to schedule a tour of our vineyard as it would give me great pleasure to walk the vineyard, with you, while providing an up close and personal view of the site, rocks and all!  This will give a better perspective of where these beautiful wines originate and what influences their flavor profiles to create wines that are noticeably different from other Oregon Pinot Noirs.  And, with so many exceptional wineries in the area, we’re happy to recommend several tasting rooms that may help round out your “Willamette Valley wine tasting experience”!

8. Lastly, we welcome your referrals, so please tell a friend!  In an effort to grow our winery and bring Olenik Vineyards Estate Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, to a wine loving world, we would like to show you our appreciation by sending you an OV Estate Cuvee gift pack and special gift when you refer family, friends or an associate who becomes a new member of our Wine Club. We will package and ship your gift shortly after they place their first order.  And, please let us know you sent them!

In closing, Susan and I wish to express our deepest gratitude and we thank you for your interest in our story and our wines.  It is all about friendship and the steadfast support that sustains us as we continue to grow forward.  We sincerely hope we can get to know each and every one of you over the coming years.    

John & Susan Olenik, Owners